About Us

One of our most important goals at Kol Yehuda is to provide care and sustenance to poor, needy and broken individuals in Israeli society. We aim to to bring lasting change in the lives of those in need, to restore dignity to those who are downcast, and to meet the practical everyday needs of all those who come to us for help. The ones we assist come to us in extreme lack and need, and we welcome them, show them love, encourage them and provide them with food hampers, quality clothes, warm blankets, and household appliances.

We are always looking at strategies to become even more relevant and effective in Israeli society as a non-profit organization, and to expand our reach to touch the lives of many more Israelis in need. The financial contributions of our precious partners and friends enable us to achieve all these goals, and with their continued help we will be able to help more and more Israelis in need.

We are currently conducting weekly projects from our distribution centre to provide clothing, bedding, non-perishable food items and household appliances to more than 1200 families every month, of which the majority of people are new Jewish immigrants, Holocaust Survivors, World-War 2 veterans, single mothers, and children in need.

As part of our food distribution projects we also host new Jewish immigrants to a lovely evening featuring a musical performance, giving of practical advice on integrating into Israeli society, enjoying a nice meal and fellowship together, and then distributing food hampers containing non-perishable food items needed on a daily basis.

Taking care of Israeli children is very important to us, and our Back-To-School project is extremely popular as we equip less-privileged children with school supplies, text books and backpacks that they need to start the new school semester successfully.

During the Jewish holidays, we organize festive event where we invite many for a hearty meal together with us, and where large food hampers are distributed to enable these dear ones to enjoy the holidays with abundance and dignity! We also present children with holiday packages containing treats and delicious food items to put a smile on their faces over the Jewish holidays.

Thank you so much to each and every friend and partner who are standing with us in support! Thank you for being a blessing to the nation of Israel!

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